Pregnant women are not only allowed to have sex, but often they crave it. But is it okay to enjoy sexual intercourse to the point of orgasm? After all, orgasms are nothing more than contractions — and people have suggested that this could trigger labor. This is just a myth. In point of fact, pregnant women can have orgasms safely and without concern.

Keep in mind that some women feel even more aroused while pregnant than when they’re not pregnant because the added blood flow in the area mimics the vasocongestion (when her genital area fills with extra blood) that occurs during sexual excitation.

Some people have heard that it’s dangerous to the fetus if the woman has an orgasm. This is unequivocally untrue. Although an orgasm triggers contractions in both pregnant and nonpregnant women, including contractions in the uterus, these contractions are not the same type of contractions associated with labor. Nor will they trigger labor contractions. Therefore, pregnant women can have all the orgasms they want up until the moment of giving birth.

Some obstetricians even suggest to an overdue woman that she have sex because it will relax her and possibly facilitate the birth.

What about the baby? Will it bother him or her if the couple has sex? Sexual activity may wake the baby and cause him or her to move around, which is a good sign because it shows that the baby’s alert. One theory suggests that the endorphins triggered by an orgasm that make the mother feel good will also make the baby feel good, but there’s no proof of that. The baby may react in some other physical ways, such as increased heartbeat, but intercourse won’t harm the baby. So you don’t need to have any concern on his or her behalf.

Although orgasms are safe, some positions are not. Be sure to use a sexual position that is safe for both mother and fetus.

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