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Undereating is the phase of the Warrior Diet that takes up most of the day. You simply don't eat as much as you normally would during the daytime hours. You're naturally most active during these daytime hours, whether that activity is physical or mental.

During this undereating phase, the time when you restrict how much food you eat, you allow your body to give less energy toward digestive processes and relegate more energy to processes that will allow it to detoxify and cleanse itself, as well as burn fat, stabilize insulin levels, and promote the release of growth hormones.

In general, fasting, whether true fasting or modified fasting such as the Warrior Diet or the 5:2 Diet, can have a phenomenal and positive impact on your health.

During the undereating phase, you eat and/or drink only fresh, raw produce and some light protein. Appropriate food and drink choices for the undereating phase might include the following:

  • Black coffee or tea

  • Unsweetened herbal tea

  • Unsweetened coconut water

  • Water

  • Juice made from fresh raw vegetables and fruits

  • Homemade broths that are free of monosodium glutamate (MSG), excessive salt, and hydrogenated oils

  • Small servings of plain yogurt or kefir, or one to two eggs

  • 16 ounces or less of all-natural whey protein shakes (whey mixed with water)

  • Raw fruits or vegetables, such as a handful of berries, carrot sticks, or a grapefruit

Fresh is a description placed on many pre-packaged food products, particularly juice. And in the case of juice, the designation means that the juice wasn't made from concentrate. On the Warrior Diet, fresh juice means really fresh, which means that you should only drink those juices made before your eyes in a juicer or blender, not something that came in a bottle or jar.

If you're just starting on the Warrior Diet and are feeling deprived or just need some time to adapt to undereating, then you may also add a small handful of raw or dry roasted nuts, such as walnuts, almonds, or Brazil nuts.

While you're undereating during the day, consume only small servings of any calorie-containing foods or drinks. Remember that the goal of the undereating phase is to not eat a lot. You must exercise restraint during these daytime hours.

Although doing so may seem quite difficult at first, you'll find that the longer you adhere to the Warrior Diet (or any fasting method, for that matter), the easier it will be to keep calorie intake to a minimum.

No matter how healthy you eat, getting all the essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients your body needs not only to function, but also to function optimally, can still be a challenge. Consider taking a high-quality multivitamin, probiotics, and/or fish oil to ensure you're getting everything you need on a regular basis.

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