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The ancient art of crystal healing relies on the subtle energy emanations of different crystals. Crystals are used nowadays in medical machinery and quartz watches, as well as to adorn the body as jewelry. Crystal healing is increasingly recognized as a useful complementary medicine.

The use of crystals for healing is a separate practice from that of Reiki, but many Reiki practitioners like to have crystals on hand and may use them alongside Reiki. Using crystals with Reiki is like having an extra pair of hands!

When you decide to use crystals along with Reiki, it helps to know just what type of stone you have or which type of stone to look for. Here's some background on where crystals come from and which ones are gems.

You might sense the earth as solid, but deep within our planet, molten lava or magma bubbles away. Natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanoes result from the constant activity and eventual release of pressure from the steam of hot magma.

Thankfully, the earth's surface is a solid layer that contains mountains, rocks, sand, and crystals. If you went on a hike through desert mountains, where the earth's crust is more revealed due to the absence of abundant plant life, you might find the following:

  • Elements: The chemical components of the earth are called elements. Silver, gold, and iron are examples of elements that on their own make up crystals. The chemical symbols for these elements are Ag for silver, Au for gold, and Fe for iron.
  • Minerals: Most minerals are made from combinations of elements. Two or more elements combine to form a mineral. Chalcedony, for example, is a type of mineral formed by the chemical elements silicon (Si) and oxygen (O2) to form silicon dioxide (SiO2). Other elements may combine with the silicon dioxide to give other minerals different colors. Red chalcedony is formed from silicon dioxide plus iron.
  • Crystals: The repeated arrangement of minerals into distinct geometric shapes is called a crystal. The geometric pattern or shape is unique to each type of crystal. Crystals are fascinating because of this beautifully ordered construction.
  • Rocks: A rock or stone is a hard substance formed from minerals or petrified life forms. Crystals are frequently found within rocks.
  • Gems: A gem is a crystal stone (or pearl) that is considered precious due to its ability to be cut, polished, and used in jewelry or other products. Diamonds, emeralds, and pearls are examples of gems.

Some gems come from living things rather than minerals. This category includes pearls, coral, amber, and jet. Like their mineral counterparts, these remnants of life also emit a subtle energy, and though they are not really crystals, they are included in the practice of crystal healing.

Crystals are made of minerals, which are made of elements. Crystals are sometimes considered gems (which will make them more expensive to obtain), and crystals are found in rocks.

Many crystals used for healing purposes are reasonably priced, including the powerful clear quartz crystal that is used to amplify healing. Herkimer diamonds, for example (which aren't really diamonds but a type of quartz found exclusively in Herkimer County, New York) are clear stones. Colored types of quartz are also available, including smoky quartz and rose quartz.

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