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Did you know that creative visualization can work as an excellent emotional pick-me-up? Whenever you find yourself in a time of stress or facing a difficult task or situation, spend a few seconds recalling one of these visualizations in order to encourage feelings of motivation, inspiration and encouragement to help you cope.

  • Smiling and laughing: Imagine that you’re smiling a big wide grin which is beaming across your face. At the same time imagine that something really funny has tickled your fancy causing you to burst out laughing. Notice how you feel as you do this. How your body becomes lighter and any aches and pains are forgotten. Your outlook brightens and your attitude to your current situation and other people is positive and happy.

  • Dismissing negative thoughts: Choose to take a time out from your stressful thoughts and decide you’ll deal with them at a later time, since there’s no point letting them bog you down and getting depressed. Whenever a negative thought arises in your mind blow it out of your mouth into an invisible balloon, and follow it with a puff of air to send it on its way.

  • Encouraging positive thoughts: Imagine hugging all of your positive thoughts close to you because they are good to you (and others). To encourage these thoughts to grow and to have more of them you can nurture them by imagining putting your positive thoughts in to plant pots, watering them and positioning them somewhere where the sun will gently warm and grow them.

  • Being thankful: Whenever something good happens you be sure to express gratitude for it. You’ll be surprised how good it feels to simply say “Thank you”. By doing this you express your gratefulness for being alive and your most important emotions such as love, happiness, compassion and generosity will also grow as a result.

  • Remembering why you’re here: When in times of difficulty or doubt, remind yourself that your life has a purpose using this visualization. Consider that in this galaxy there are over a hundred billion stars, and that there are more than a hundred billion galaxies. Allow your mind to boggle over the fact that among all this incredible amount of matter, you’re present and have been given the chance to be part of it all.

  • Feeling valued: Think about all the ways you’ve changed the world; your relationships with others, things you’ve made, people you’ve helped, children you’ve raised and ideas you’ve shared. Understand that you’re an equally important person to everyone else and you’re absolutely needed, even if at times you don’t fee needed.

  • Always improving yourself: In life you'll achieve the most if you continuously strive to improve yourself. Consider how, although you’ve already achieved many things, there is still so much more you could do, and that you can always be a better person. Know in your heart of hearts that you will always improve, and that day by day you will be a better person and achieve more things than the day before.

  • Saying “Yes I can!”: Above all when visualizing you need to be positive. Remove the word “no” from your vocabulary and get used (even if only in your mind) to saying “yes” to everything. Think of yourself as a can-do person and you will become a did-do person.

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