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Like some math classes, a ray starts at a certain point and goes on forever. Like the Praxis Core exam, a line segment starts at a certain point, and ends at another point—of course, in the case of the exam, these points never seem to be far enough apart for some students!

To help you on test day, the following practice questions offer a sample of the types of line- and ray-related questions you'll run into.

Practice questions

  1. Which of the following qualifies as a name of this ray?


    Select all that apply.


  2. What is indicated by the vertical marks on the two following line segments?


    A. They are opposite sides of the same polygon. B. They are diameters of the same circle. C. They have unequal measures. D. They are congruent. E. Their ratio is pi.

Answers and explanations

  1. The correct answers are Choices (C and E). A ray is named by its endpoint followed by any other point on the ray. The endpoint of the ray is J, and the two other labeled points on the ray are K and L. Therefore,


    both qualify as names of the ray.

  2. The correct answer is Choice (D).

    Those marks indicate that segments are congruent, meaning that they have the same measure. Segment congruence can also be indicated by double marks, triple marks, and so on, as long as both or all the congruent segments have the same numbers of identical marks.

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