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When was the last time you took a multiple choice exam? Or, for that matter, any exam? It’s likely that it was a long time ago. Maybe you’re considering whether or not to become a real estate agent, but you’re a little daunted by the idea of having to take a test. What you can expect to see on the state exam?

Most — if not all — state exams for real estate licensing are multiple choice exams. What does a typical question look like? Here’s an example.

Which of the following is considered personal property?
A. An attached deck
B. A free-standing microwave
C. Built-in bookcases
D. A chandelier

The answer is B. You may not have known that now, but would after taking a real estate course. The point is that many questions on the exam are definitional questions that ask you to identify the category something belongs to. Some are straight definitions, such as

A colorless, odorless, radioactive gas is
A. carbon dioxide.
B. carbon monoxide.
C. chlorofluorocarbons.
D. radon.

The answer is D. Be aware that there are a lot of definitional questions on a typical real estate agents license exam.

Some questions ask for a bit more than memorization and some understanding of the material. The following is a good example of this type of question.

Which of the following statements is incorrect? In the same transaction, a real estate agent must always represent
A. a seller only.
B. a buyer only.
C. a buyer and seller.
D. a buyer or seller but not both.

Once again, right now you probably don’t know the answer to this; however, understanding this question can help you even if you’re not going to become a real estate agent. Most people are used to the real estate agent representing the seller. But a buyer can also hire an agent to help them find a house. In some cases, as strange as it may seem, an agent can represent both parties in the transaction. The correct answer, that is the incorrect statement, is D. Because C is acceptable practice, D is the only statement that is incorrect. Read through the question again now that you know the correct answer.

For those of you intimidated by math, don’t worry. There are usually only a very small number of math questions on any exam. And the math on real estate exams is based on information you probably learned by 10th grade.

There are many ways to study for the real estate exam. Of course, you must learn the material in the first place. Many people find practice questions to be very helpful. You get to practice test taking techniques that you haven’t used in many years. The information is there so you’re reinforcing what you leaned with every question. You also have a chance to build your confidence by taking practice exams and doing better on each one.

You never know — you may be a few multiple choice questions away from a brand new career.

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