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You will need to know basic information about the stakeholder register for the PMP Certification. The stakeholder register, which records relevant information for each stakeholder or group of stakeholders, is a wonderful tool to keep information organized. This will become an input into the communications management plan because communication is the main way you can manage stakeholder engagement.

You can have whatever fields in the stakeholder register you want. Common fields include

  • Name

  • Position

  • Expectations

  • Information from your stakeholder analysis

Depending on your project, you will fill in some fields and leave others blank, as necessary. You will find this is a common theme.

A blank stakeholder register spreadsheet.

While expectations aren’t listed, information from the stakeholder analysis and the stakeholder function is listed on the project. Like all things in the project management world, tailor the use of the forms and techniques to suit your needs!

A filled stakeholder register.

This process and the process to develop the project charter interact. You should expect to conduct these processes concurrently and iteratively until your charter is signed off and approved and you have identified your project stakeholders to the extent possible during project initiation.

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