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Prometric is strict about what you can't take into the PHR/SPHR testing room. Prometric requires that you place all items — outerwear, hats, watches, purses, cell phones, food, drink — everything except your ID — into a locker to which you're given a key. Prior to entering the testing room, someone wands you with a metal detector, and you're required to turn out your pockets.

Keep in mind these restrictions during the test:

  • No food or drinks, although you may leave the room and notify the test center administrator that you need to access your locker. This procedure must be followed, even to access medicine.

    The clock is still ticking for the three-hour limit, so return to the test quickly to maximize the time. If you do take a break, consider a peppermint candy because studies show that it stimulates the brain.

  • No reviewing study material or accessing your mobile device during a break. Test center administrators and cameras are everywhere, so if you're caught, your test may be invalidated.

  • No smoke breaks after you have started the exam.

You may wear Prometric-issued, noise-reducing headphones, or you may bring your own disposable ear plugs that are in a sealed package. If you bring your own, they'll be inspected prior to being allowed.

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