Science and math aren’t the most prevalent topics on the MAT, but they are tested. The classification of living things is a fairly common MAT topic, so you should take the time to become familiar with its common terms.

Science classifications that appear on the MAT test

Brush up on your knowledge of science classifications by studying these terms and their definitions.

  • Kingdom: One of five major classification units

  • Phylum: Division of kingdom

  • Class: Division of phylum

  • Order: Division of class

  • Family: Division of order

  • Genus: Division of family; always italicized, with the first letter capitalized

  • Species: Division of genus; smallest unit of classification; always italicized, with the first letter lower case

  • Human example: Animal, Chordate, Vertebrate, Primate, Hominid, Homo, sapiens

  • Animalia kingdom: Humans, dogs, fish, birds, reptiles

  • Fungi kingdom: Yeasts, molds, mushrooms

  • Monera kingdom: Unicellular organisms without a cell nucleus

  • Plantae kingdom: Flowers, trees, ferns, mosses

  • Protista kingdom: Microorganisms with a cell nucleus

Terms used to classify animals that appear on the MAT test

The MAT has also been known to test animal terms, even obscure ones, so knowing what to call male and female animals, their babies, and a group of that animal can pay off.

Animal Male Female Offspring Group Adjective
bear boar sow cub sleuth ursine
bee drone queen larva swarm apian
cat tom queen kitten clowder feline
cattle bull cow calf herd bovine
chicken rooster hen chick brood
deer buck doe fawn herd corvine
ferret hob jill kit business ferrety
fox dog vixen kit skulk vulpine
goat billy nanny kid tribe goatish
goose gander goose gosling gaggle
horse stallion mare foal herd equine
kangaroo jack doe joey troop
lion lion lioness cub pride leonine
pig boar sow piglet sounder porcine
sheep ram ewe lamb flock ovine
swan cob pen cygnet wedge swanlike

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