Excelling on the MAT requires mastery of just one type of test question: the analogy. However, the analogy will be used to test your knowledge on a wide variety of subjects. Here are a few preparation tips for tackling this test:

  1. Have a baseline.

    Take an official MAT practice test, which you can purchase online. Do this at the start of your test preparation to get an understanding of where you are and how far you need to improve your performance to get your ideal score.

  2. Set a clear goal.

    Have a defined target to keep you posted and help you measure your progress. Find out what score the program you wish to attend looks for and aim to top that.

  3. Establish a practice schedule and keep to it.

    Your MAT score will be a significant part of your graduate school application, so preparing for must be a priority. Carve out the time you need to brush up on or learn hundreds of terms and master analogy solving. Make it a part of your routine.

  4. Take several practice tests.

    There is no substitute for practicing what you'll have to do on test day. Make sure you complete a minimum of four practice tests before taking the actual test. Keep practicing until you are satisfied with your result.

  5. Work on your timing.

    Learn to invest your time will it will pay off the most. Avoid wasting time on harder questions and the expense of more achievable ones.

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