GED Mathematical Reasoning Test For Dummies
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On the GED Mathematical Reasoning test, you may need to multiply or divide polynomial expressions. You can solve these expressions using either a horizontal or vertical approach, as shown in the following practice questions.

Practice questions

  1. Solve the following:

  2. Solve the following:


Answers and explanations

  1. 112x2 – 94xy – 51y2

    To solve this equation, start by multiplying the first term in the first polynomial by the two terms in the second polynomial: 14x (8x + 3y) = 112x2 + 42xy. Multiply the second term in the first polynomial by the two terms in the second polynomial:

    112x2 + 42xy + 136xy + 51y2 = 112x2 – 51y2 + 136xy

    Now, put it all together and simplify:

    112x2 – 94xy – 51y2

  2. a + 5

    To solve this problem, use long division:


    Change the signs to subtract:


    Carry down 5b – 10 to get:


    You can see that the next term will be +5:


    You have your answer. Change the signs to subtract and make sure you have no remainder:


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