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An ASVAB study schedule is imperative to your success. No matter how many days are left until test day, you can use this guide to help structure your plan. If you’re a few months out, use this study guide and take your time to really pinpoint the areas that need the most attention. If you don’t have much time to spare, jump to the end of this schedule, pump out that extra effort, and eat, sleep, and breathe ASVAB from now until test day!

One month before test day

You have 30 days until test day. Let the studying begin!

  • Take an ASVAB practice exam and score yourself on each subtest.

  • Rank each subtest: 1 through 4 for each AFQT subtest (Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, Mathematics Knowledge, and Arithmetic Reasoning), and 1 through 5 for the specialty subtests, with 1 being the lowest rank.

  • Spend the most time studying for the areas you ranked the lowest, giving special attention to the AFQT subjects, such as Mathematics Knowledge and Arithmetic Reasoning. For the remainder of your time, concentrate on the specialty subjects, such as Electronics Information, especially if you know your desired military jobs require a specific score, or if you want to ace the ASVAB.

Two weeks before test day

You’re in the home stretch. Try not to get nervous if you don’t know some of the material as well as you’d like. Use these strategies to boost your confidence:

  • Take the same ASVAB practice exam you took at the beginning of your study plan, scoring each subtest the same way as before.

  • Compare your new (and hopefully improved) practice test scores to the original scores.

  • Note any improvements you’ve made within each subtest.

  • Note the struggles you’re having in specific areas and write them down. For example, you may still have a hard time dividing fractions, memorizing planets, identifying vehicle parts, or learning suffixes.

  • Spend the next two weeks fine-tuning the areas that need improvement.

  • If you scored very high on any specific subtest (as in, you missed only one or two questions), set aside your review of that material in favor of spending time on topics that you still feel shaky about.

  • Periodically check your ASVAB growth by trying out another practice test so you can see your progress.

  • Feel confident that your hard work will pay off and don’t give up.

Note: If you’re just now starting to study for the ASVAB, don’t panic. Take a practice exam and score each subtest to see where you need to focus your time in the next two weeks. Then get studying!

One day before test day

If there were ever a time not to stress, this is it. Follow these suggestions to prepare for the big day:

  • Relax and enjoy your day because the last thing you need is built-up anxiety.

  • Pack up everything you need to take the test, such as your ID card, any necessary paperwork, directions to the test site, lip balm, reading glasses, car keys, and so on, and be sure to set your alarm.

  • Break down your final study review into two one-hour sessions:

    • During the first hour, concentrate on your weak subjects. Read over the types of questions and the work you’ve done to prepare for them. Then take a break.

    • During the second hour, look over the highlights and any notes you have for each subtest.

  • Stay hydrated with plenty of water.

  • Get at least eight hours of rest.

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