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The Paragraph Comprehension subtest is an important part of your AFQT score, which is the most important score because it determines whether a particular branch of service lets you join. This part of the test is so important that it is worth repeating over and over.

You’d be surprised at how many diverse military jobs require a decent score on the Paragraph Comprehension subtest. But think about it for a moment: If the directions in a military recipe make you rub your eyes and mumble to yourself, how are you going to cook a meal for 2,000 troops? (Assuming you want to become a military cook, that is.) This information shows the military job qualification line scores that are calculated by using your Paragraph Comprehension subtest score.

Branch of Service Line Score
U.S. Army Clerical, General Technical, Operators and Food, Surveillance and Communications, and Skilled Technical
U.S. Air Force Administrative and General
U.S. Navy and Coast Guard Administrative, General Technical, Health, and Nuclear
U.S. Marine Corps General Technical and Clerical

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