You may be wondering why you should take the ACT®. Although there actually are many reasons for taking the ACT, following are the top ten.
  1. All US colleges and universities accept the ACT as their college entry test, as well as an additional 225 universities worldwide.1 You can feel confident your college and university choices are on the list.
  2. It is the most popular college entrance exam in the country.2 In 2016, nearly 2.1 million graduating seniors took the ACT.
  3. The writing test is optional.2 Not all schools require a writing test for admission, so the ACT makes it optional.
  4. It helps colleges and scholarships find you.3 Taking the test helps you get noticed by scholarship agencies and colleges.1
  5. It is a predictor of college readiness. The ACT is a curriculum-based achievement test, measuring what you’ve learned throughout your education.
  6. You may feel more comfortable taking the ACT.2 Since the ACT is based on what you learn in class—meaning it’s not an aptitude or IQ test—many students are more at ease on test day.
  7. There’s no penalty for guessing incorrectly.2 Scores are based only on correct answers, so it’s okay to guess. If you guess correctly you’ll earn credit, but if your guess is incorrect, it won’t hurt your score.
  8. Score reports are detailed and easy to understand. Your student report includes more than just a composite score, it includes a separate score for each subject area, highlights strengths and weaknesses within those areas, and shows how you rank compared to others in your state and the US.4
  9. You choose the scores you want to send.2 You can send up to four free scores* to your schools of choice. If you’ve taken the test more than once, you can specify which test date scores to send.
  10. It’s more than just a test. The ACT includes a free education and career planning segment to help you plan for college, comparing your interests with the kinds of majors and occupations that may be right for you.3

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*If selected at time of registration.


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