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For those interested in digging deeper into the science and techniques of forensic science and criminal investigation, here are some excellent resources for further study.

  • The Writers' Forensics Blog

    This is DP Lyle, MD's blog. Though originally geared toward writers of crime fiction, this blog is followed by forensics industry professionals and those who have an interest in crime and forensic science. Lyle frequently posts about the latest forensic science technologies and criminal cases and other topics of interest to fans of science and crime. The site has been in existence since 2009 and is fully searchable by topics and keywords.

  • Crime and Science Radio

    DP Lyle, MD and Jan Burke co-host this twice monthly Internet radio/podcast series. Each show presents an interview with one or more experts in the areas of forensic science and law enforcement, such as world-renowned forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht; Body Farm creator Dr. Bill Bass; best-selling author, forensic anthropologist, and creator of the hit TV series BONES Kathy Reishs; and Linda Fairstein, Chief of the NY County District Attorney's Sex Crimes Prosecution Unit, to name a few. All shows are archived so listeners can listen at their convenience.

  • The Crime Lab Project

    The Crime Lab Project (CLP) is the brainchild of author Jan Burke and was established to raise public awareness of the many issues in the world of forensic science. From underfunding, to lack of quality control, to interesting criminal cases, this site is frequently updated with the latest information on forensic science and criminal investigation. Follow this blog or sign up for CLP's email alerts and stay in the front line of forensic science developments.

  • The FBI Website

    This is the official website of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Here you will find many links to how the FBI works, what services it provides, FBI job descriptions, crime statistics, the current Ten Most Wanted list, famous FBI cases over the years, and information on many areas of forensic science and law enforcement. Visit this site often or sign up for their updates to get up-to-the-minute info on all FBI activities.

  • The American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS)

    This is the official website of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS), which offers information on jobs and education, as well as an extensive collection of lectures, slide presentations, and webinars that will greatly add to your knowledge base.

  • The American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD)

    This is the official website of the nation's crime lab directors. The site contains information and links to a wide variety of information on crime labs worldwide. One of the most useful links, The Crime Lab Minute, which can be found under the Resource Library tab: The Crime Lab Minute, offers the current and the archived issues of their weekly newsletter. Each issue offers news about the society, current job opportunities, and, most importantly, breaking stories in the crime and science world.

  • Forensic Magazine

    This is an excellent publication, available both online and in print. Its constant updates and excellent articles keep you informed and current on all things forensic science. It has an excellent Resources section that includes articles as well as video and webinar links.

  • National Institute of Justice

    This site offers a wealth of information that is categorized on the home page. Check out all the links but in particular "All Topics A to Z" and "Forensic Sciences." Each category contains a long list of links to articles and other resources on virtually every topic in crime investigation. Digital forensics, DNA analysis, facial recognition, human trafficking, and forensic toxicology are examples of topics covered on this information-rich site.

  • National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS)

    This extensive site offers a Browse By Topics List on its main page. Poking around in each category will lead you to information on essentially every aspect of forensic science and crime investigation. Topics include everything from forensic toxicology to identity theft to counterterrorism to crime scene analysis and much more.

  • The Forensic Science Technician

    This site contains hundreds of useful links for anyone interested in forensic science and crime investigation. It's Articles tab offers links to many fascinating sites such as the Top 50 Forensic Scientist Blogs and many others.

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