Chinese Phrases For Dummies
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Getting a conversion started in Chinese begins with learning basic greetings and polite phrases. Practicing and using these basic phrases goes a long way in establishing a relationship and bridging the gap between the cultures — and is appreciated by Chinese-speaking people.

  • Hello. Nǐ hăo. (nee how)

  • Good morning. Zăo. (dzaow)

  • Good night. Wăn ān. (wahn ahn)

  • Please. Qǐng. (cheeng)

  • Thank you. Xièxiè. (shyeh shyeh)

  • Excuse me. Duìbùqǐ. (dway boo chee)

  • I'm so sorry. Hěn bàoqiàn. (hun baow chyan)

  • I don't understand. Wŏ bùdŏng. (waw boo doong)

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