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Get to know the days of the week and months of the year in Chinese. Remember that Chinese people recognize seven days in the week just as Americans do, but the Chinese week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday.


Monday Xīngqīyī (sheeng chee ee)

Tuesday Xīngqī'èr (sheeng chee are)

Wednesday Xīngqīsān (sheeng chee sahn)

Thursday Xīngqīsì (sheeng chee suh)

Friday Xīngqīwŭ (sheeng chee woo)

Saturday Xīngqīliù (sheeng chee lyo)

Sunday Xīngqītiān (sheeng chee tyan)


January Yīyuè (ee yweh)

February Èryuè (are yweh)

March Sānyuè (sahn yweh)

April Sìyuè (suh yweh)

May Wŭyuè (woo yweh)

June Liùyuè (lyo yweh)

July Qīyuè (chee yweh)

August Bāyuè (bah yweh)

September Jiŭyuè (jyo yweh)

October Shíyuè (shir yweh)

November Shíyīyuè (shir ee yweh)

December Shí'èryuè (shir are yweh)

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