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If you’re traveling in a French-speaking country and find yourself in an urgent situation, you can get the assistance you need by memorizing these important French phrases.

English French Pronunciation
Help! Au secours! oh skoohr!
Police! Police! poh-lees!
Fire! Au feu! Oh fuh!
Get a doctor! Cherchez un médecin/un docteur! sheh-rshey uhN meyd-saN/uhN dohk-tuhr!
I am sick. Je suis malade. zhuh swee mah-lahd.
Could you indicate/point out [to me] how to get to. . . ?) Pourriez-vous m’indiquer comment aller. . . ? pooh-ree-ey-vooh maN-dee-key kohN-maN-tah-ley. . . ?

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