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Many common French expressions use the verb faire (to make/do), whereas their English translation is another verb, often to be or to go. Here are some faire expressions you should know:

  • faire des achats (to go shopping)

  • faire du basket/foot (to play basketball/soccer)

  • faire beau/mauvais (to be nice/bad [weather])

  • faire la bise (to give a kiss on each cheek as a greeting)

  • faire chaud/froid (to be hot/cold [weather])

  • faire la cuisine (to do the cooking)

  • faire . . . jour/nuit (to be daytime/nighttime)

  • faire mal à (to hurt [someone])

  • faire le ménage (to do the housekeeping)

  • faire peur à (to scare/frighten [someone])

  • faire une promenade (to go for a walk)

  • faire du vélo/de la moto (to ride a bike/motorcycle)

  • faire un voyage (to go on a trip)

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