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When you’re learning English as a foreign language, practise these greetings and questions to sound like a British native in no time. Remember to tailor your greetings – whether formal or informal – depending on who you’re talking to.

Formal Greetings

  • Good morning

  • Good afternoon

  • Good evening

  • Nice to meet you

  • Goodnight

  • Goodbye

Informal Greetings

  • Hello

  • Hi

  • Bye

  • Bye for now

  • See you soon


  • Who: Who is that man over there? [Asking about people.]

  • When: When are you going on holiday? [Asking about times and dates.]

  • Where: Where is the nearest bank? [Asking about places.]

  • What: What’s that box for? [Asking about things / activities.]

  • Why: Why is she crying? [Asking for reasons.]

  • How much: How much is that book? [Asking about quantities.]

  • What time: What time does the film start? [Asking about times.]

  • What . . . like: What’s David's wife like? [Asking about characteristics.]

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