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You can build your vocabulary using flash cards, word games, and plain, old, everyday reading. Whether you’re reading cereal boxes, the newspaper, Web articles, office memos, or research papers, use the tips in the following list to improve your vocabulary as you read:

  • Read slowly.

  • Read confusing text over again.

  • Look at the pictures.

  • Create your own mental picture.

  • Summarize the main idea of the text in your own words.

  • Look up definitions of words you're not familiar with or are uncertain about.

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Richard Sutz is the founder and CEO of The Literacy Company, developers of The Reader's Edge speed-reading program. Sutz's program teaches silent reading fluency for effective and efficient speed reading.

Peter Weverka is a veteran For Dummies author who has written about a wide variety of applications. Along with two bestselling editions of Office All-in-One For Dummies, Peter has written PowerPoint All-in-One For Dummies and Microsoft Money For Dummies.

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