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Apart from Henry VII, the Tudors weren’t very lucky in their marriages. Despite marrying six times, Henry VIII was survived by only one son and two daughters. Of these offspring, only Mary married – and disastrously at that – and none of them left any children. Result? End of the line:

  • Henry VII, born 1457; reigned 1485–1509

    • Married Elizabeth, daughter of Edward IV

  • Henry VIII, born 1491; reigned 1509–1547

    • Married Catherine of Aragon; Queen 1509–1533

    • Married Anne Boleyn; Queen 1533–1536

    • Married Jane Seymour; Queen 1536–1537

    • Married Anne of Cleves; Queen 1539–1540

    • Married Catherine Howard; Queen 1540–1541

    • Married Catherine Parr, Lady Latimer; Queen 1543–1547

  • Edward VI, born 1537; reigned 1547–1553

  • Jane Grey, born 1537; reigned 10–19 July 1553

  • Mary I, born 1516; reigned 1553–1558

    • Married Philip II of Spain; 1554–1558

  • Elizabeth I, born 1533; reigned 1558–1603

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