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The key stages in the development of Tudor government are marked by the passage of acts of Parliament. Indeed, the Tudors never claimed the right to make laws by any other means. Here are some of the more significant laws made by the Tudor monarchs:

  • 1489: Justices of the Peace

  • 1504: Statute of Liveries

  • 1510: Sumptuary Laws

  • 1533: Act of Appeals

  • 1534: Act of Supremacy

  • 1536: Franchises

  • 1536: Act for the Dissolution of the Monasteries

  • 1539: Act of Six Articles

  • 1547: Treasons Act

  • 1547: Dissolution of the Chantries

  • 1549: First Act of Uniformity

  • 1552: Second Act of Uniformity

  • 1553: First Act of Repeal

  • 1554: Heresy

  • 1554: Second Act of Repeal

  • 1559: Act of Supremacy

  • 1559: Act of Uniformity

  • 1563: Statute of Artificers

  • 1581: Against Reconciliation With Rome

  • 1585: For the Queen’s Surety

  • 1601: Poor Law

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