PowerPoint Slide Masters enable you to add background objects that appear on every PowerPoint slide in your presentation. You can, however, hide the background objects for selected slides. You can also change the background color or effect used for an individual slide. Hiding background objects or changing the background color or effect applies only to the current slide. Other slides are unaffected.

These steps show you how to hide the background:


Display the slide that you want to show with a plain background.


Click the Design tab on the Ribbon and then select the Hide Background Graphics check box found in the Background group.

If you want to remove some but not all the background objects from a single slide, try this trick:


Hide the background graphics from the slide.


Call up the Slide Master.


Hold down the Shift key and then click each of the background objects that you want to appear.


Press Ctrl+C to copy these objects to the Clipboard.


Return to Normal View by clicking the Normal button at the bottom of the screen.


Press Ctrl+V to paste the objects from the Clipboard.

If you paste objects in this way, those objects are no longer tied to the Slide Master. Thus, if you later change the objects on the Slide Master, the change won’t be reflected on the slides with the pasted copies of the objects.


Click the Design tab on the Ribbon and then click the Sent to Back button (in the Arrange group) if the background objects obscure other slide objects or text.