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How to Measure Traffic with Social Media Metrics

By Leslie Poston

With social media metrics, you can measure foot traffic resulting from web efforts and use web tools to increase foot traffic. If you have a staff, everyone who has customer contact will need to understand what tools you’re using and know when you’re running a special or other deal to encourage interaction and new customers.

In addition to ensuring that your staff knows what’s going on, make sure that your customers also are aware by using these techniques:

  • Use signage in your stores or other brick-and-mortar venue to encourage check-ins on services like Yelp and foursquare. These services have metrics you can track, and they encourage return visits for specials and other offerings.


  • Use signage in your stores and conversations with your staff to tell people about your web presence (Facebook page, website, and so on) and how it can be useful to them (menu items, special items, new merchandise listings, and more).

  • Don’t be afraid to ask your customers to like your pages or share them. Likes and shares increase the web traffic you can measure, which helps you make better campaigns and reach more people.

  • If you see people using phones in your store, use QR Codes or other mobile push efforts to help them shop and convert them to loyal customers. Many of these tools also offer analytics. Wouldn’t it be nice to get analytics on the real shopping habits of your customers?

  • Get creative! Keep an eye out for someone tweeting about your business while they are in your store or about going to your business later that day. Then do something nice when they arrive.

In the end, remember that even though it’s metrics and measurement, it’s metrics for social media. Social media is an engaged and involved platform where you can easily convert people to happy customers simply by using metrics to pay attention.

If you can become a destination point for the social media savvy consumer, you’ll find that measuring foot traffic becomes key to that success. For example, the Roger Smith Hotel in New York has become known as the “social media hotel” where those in social media go to see art and films, have meet-ups, eat, drink, and stay.

Every time the hotel gets foot traffic from social media, those people tell their connections, and their foot traffic grows. By measuring this continually, the hotel is constantly fine-tuning their efforts and offering more interesting things to their visitors to turn them into loyal, repeat customers.