How to Locate Programs on Klout for Good - dummies

How to Locate Programs on Klout for Good

By Andrea Updyke

The amount of need in the world is truly overwhelming, and it’s easy to feel small and helpless. The Klout for Good approach is appealing due to its simplicity and integration with social media. Knowing about the need is the first step in helping to fix it.

To locate programs through Klout for Good and share via Facebook or Twitter, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Point your browser to

    The most recent campaign is highlighted at the top of the page.


  2. Click the gold Learn More button to open the campaign page.

  3. Read about the campaign and follow the links to the charity website to get more details or donate time or money.

  4. Raise awareness in your own social circles by either tweeting or sharing a Facebook status about the campaign.

The most recent campaign is shown at the top of the Klout for Good page, but you’ll find a few more campaigns as you scroll down the page. Campaigns are listed in chronological order with the most recent month’s campaign at the top.

Donate your influence by sharing Klout for Good campaigns on Facebook and Twitter at any time. There is never a shortage of need!