10 Klout Brands to Watch - dummies

10 Klout Brands to Watch

By Andrea Updyke

Some brands with good Klout scores are simply connecting recreationally, while others are brands with full-on social media strategies and departments dedicated to serving their customers through their social media channels.

A brand that “gets it” is one that can promote its service or product while maintaining the personal banter and connection of a friendship. Some brands are better at this than others, just like people. These brands do a great job of listening to their consumers and keeping the lines of communication open.

Ford Motor Company

The Ford social media accounts are run by Scott Monty and Karen Untereker, and they do a great job of providing great content and responding to consumers. They promote Ford consistently, but they also create conversations around trends in the automobile industry and share articles that are relevant to the brand. Ford Motor Company has a Klout Score of 92 and a strong presence on both Twitter and Facebook.


Fans are invited to share photos of their Fords in action on the company Facebook Page. You can connect with Ford on Twitter and Facebook.



Chobani yogurt has had some recognition for its activity on Pinterest (a visual social networking and bookmarking site) and has built an active community around its yogurt brand. The folks at Chobani are sharing recipes and answering questions from their community with consistency and enthusiasm. Doing so connects them to their customers, and that can only be a good thing.


Chobani’s Klout Score is 81. You can follow the company on Twitter and check out its Pinterest boards.



Many fashion-related brands are doing a great job creating social media content for their brand. Gap uses Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to share deals and high-quality images of its products while at the same time creating relevant conversations and connecting with its customers.


Gap has a Klout Score of 86. Follow Gap on Instagram and Facebook.


Old Spice

If you enjoy the Old Spice commercials that have been on the air in the past couple of years, then you’ll love its Twitter account. Old Spice has raised the bar for other brands by using humor to keep people coming back for more. Who knew deodorant could be so funny?


The Klout Score for Old Spice is 82, and the company can be found on Twitter and YouTube.



Food chains are a natural fit for the world of social media because they have built-in fans. And McDonald’s has a lot of fans. Its social media team manages the Twitter account for McDonald’s with optimism and goodwill.


McDonald’s has a Klout Score of 91, and you can find it on Twitter. You can also get to know the team behind the tweets by visiting the team page.


Best Buy

Many people deal with Best Buy via its Twitter account and it seems to be a huge success. There are people ready to go if you have a question and they are pleasant to deal with. Some individual stores also have their own accounts, so check to see if your local store is connected.


Best Buy has a Klout Score of 89, and you can find it on Twitter. You can also ask tech questions by mentioning @Twelpforce or general support questions with @BestBuySupport on Twitter.


Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines has a reputation for being fun and it certainly maintains that feeling online. With almost 5 million followers between Facebook and Twitter, the folks at Southwest have their work cut out for them. They provide needed information from the airline along with fun contests to engage those who aren’t traveling at the moment.


Southwest Airlines does not have an account with Klout, but based on its public information from Twitter, Klout has assigned it a Score of 88. You can connect with Southwest on Twitter or Facebook.


Lands’ End

Lands’ End is known for its excellent customer service and it’s just as friendly online. The folks at Lands’ End often share personal photos and ask questions to get their community talking. They have more than 1 million following their Facebook Page, and Twitter is another great way to connect with the team.


Lands’ End has a Klout Score of 63. You can find it on Facebook and Twitter.



MOO is an online printing company that has taken the blogging community by storm. It has a great product and fun packaging along with an easy-to-use website. After you have held a MOO business card, there is no going back. The people at this London-based company know their stuff.

What they have done that stands out is they have become part of the community of online content creators. They share relevant and helpful information from business to marketing to social media and cute pets. They are fast and responsive, just like one of your real friends.


MOO has a Klout Score of 69 and can be found on Twitter. You can also check out its photo tumblr.



It’s hard not to love a business that gives back. TOMS shoes and eyewear operates on the one-for-one concept. You buy a pair of shoes, and the people at TOMS give a pair of shoes to a child in need. It’s as simple as that. They have heart and it shows in their social media accounts in the stories they share and the way they promote their followers and fans.


You can be inspired by TOMS on Twitter and on Facebook. TOMS is not currently a Klout member. Using its public information, however, Klout has assigned it a Score of 82.