Ten Awesome Websites Built Using Squarespace 6 - dummies

Ten Awesome Websites Built Using Squarespace 6

By Kris Black

Squarespace 6 is a great solution for building and hosting your website and provides a robust set of templates and styling options to allow you to create a truly unique site.

Following is a sample of sites built using Squarespace 6:

  • Big Picture Web is a blog written by Josh Braaten about using Squarespace. Josh focuses many of his articles about search engine optimization (SEO), content and social media strategy, and designing websites using Squarespace.

  • black&hue works with small businesses and professionals to help them increase their online presence. They specialize in creating websites using Squarespace.

  • Dollar Bin hosts a podcast and blog that features in-depth opinions and reviews about comic books.

  • Immaculate Consumption is a local sandwich and coffee shop in the heart of Columbia, South Carolina whose website features their full menu in a mobile-friendly site design.

  • Kris Black Studio is the personal site of Kris Black and features his work as a designer, an author, and a cartoonist.

  • The Leaflet is a lifestyle blog that caters to people who want to live greener, kinder, healthier lives without sacrificing style and convenience.

  • Life’s Little Hiccups is an online comic strip about the small and ordinary situations people find themselves dealing with every day.

  • Lyssa Harvey is a website by a teacher, a therapist, and an artist. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and owner of The Art and Play Therapy Center of South Carolina.

  • Squarespace, Inc. is the main Squarespace website and was built using the Squarespace Developer platform. You can see that they truly believe in their product because they relied on it to conduct their business.

  • Squareverse is an online publication dedicated to providing helpful articles to expand your use of Squarespace products and solutions.