Nine Basic CSS Categories to Use in Web Design - dummies

Nine Basic CSS Categories to Use in Web Design

By Sue Jenkins

Part of Web Design All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Most CSS styles fall into nine basic style and positioning categories. This list can help you keep track of all the cool things you can do with CSS:

  • TYPE: Font family, size, style, weight, color, decoration

  • BACKGROUND: Background color, image position, and repeat

  • BLOCK: Word and letter spacing, text alignment, block display

  • BOX: Width, height, padding, and margin of an element, float, clear

  • BORDER: Border style, width, color for up to four sides of an element

  • LIST: List styles, custom bullets, bullet position

  • POSITIONING: Position, size, visibility, z-index, placement, and clip of elements

  • EXTENSIONS: Special cursor and filter effects, page break options

  • TRANSITION: Animate objects using properties, duration, delay, and timing