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How to Check whether You’re on an E-Mail Blacklist

By John Arnold

If you’re marketing your products or services via e-mail, you need to know when your IP is being blacklisted. If your message isn’t being delivered customers can’t flock to buy your products, and your bottom line suffers. Bounce-back e-mails are often the first indication that your e-mails are being blocked, and if the message tells you why your e-mail didn’t get delivered, you have your first tool for getting your IP off the blacklist.

Part of your e-mail marketing strategy relies on systems to optimize your message deliverability rate and to monitor non-deliveries and the reasons for them. As well as pursuing solutions to nondeliveries internally, you can build in a routine of checking to see whether your IP is listed on some of the largest blacklists. You simply input your IP address at one or more anti-spam websites:

If you find your IP listed, search the site for instructions on how to get off the list.

You can also sign up for commercial auditing services with a number of companies who charge a fee to monitor your domains and alert you to any problems; some will even help you get off a blacklist and offer a variety of e-mail marketing tools. Many of these companies offer free trials: