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How to Solicit a Paid Link from Another Web Site

If you cannot get a free backlink from another Web site, you may want to approach them about direct advertising on their site. In that case, you have to determine a price point that is not only acceptable to you, but to the other site as well. In some instances, a partnership may be developed that benefits both parties without any fees actually being exchanged. But however the paid link is secured, you want to be sure that you get a link from the most relevant page with the best anchor text possible.

Obtaining a paid link does not necessarily give you a direct SEO benefit. The search engines do not pass link equity through links that have been identified as paid, so you only want to buy links if traffic or advertising, not rankings, are what you’re really after. In fact, if Google detects paid links on a Web page, it may stop passing PageRank through any of the links on that page, whether they’re really paid or natural.

Here’s how to solicit a paid link from another site:

  1. Determine if there are advertising possibilities on the Web site.

  2. If there are no listed advertisement packages, you may want to contact the Web site owner or Webmaster to propose privately paying for an advertisement on their Web site.

  3. Try to obtain text links with optimal anchor text located on the most relevant pages for your subject theme.

    If the paid link you solicit is formatted as an image or banner, this may increase your click-through rate (the number of visitors who click your link) and traffic. Ideally, any links that you obtain (paid or not) should have surrounding text related to your subject and not be one among dozens of non-related links. Again, this isn’t done for the SEO benefit. Image links/banner links are less likely to pass the same weight as good anchor text. In fact, most large sites that sell banner ads run them through redirects or advertising networks that more than likely use iframes (embedded frames that display a separate page in the frame) and pass no link equity at all. Paid advertisements are strictly for advertising, not for link building.