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Joomla Extensions to Help You Manage Your Joomla Site

By Seamus Bellamy, Steve Holzner

There are Joomla extensions to do just about anything, including helping you to manage you Joomla site. Want a WYSIWYG editor. There’s an extension for that. Need to attach documents to articles? There’s an extension for that too. Back up your site? Attach files to articles? Yes and yes, there’s a Joomla extension for that too.

JCE Editor

JCE is a popular WYSIWYG editor for Joomla based on Moxiecode’s TinyMCE. JCE’s exceptional usability stems from the fact that the interface resembles some of the more popular word processing programs on the market today.

JCE’s default installation includes an advanced code editor; a spell checker; and superior image, media, and file handling. Better still, it also provides plug-in support, so you can customize the editor to suit your specific needs. The editor itself is free, but some of the popular add-ons cost money.

Attachments for Content Articles

Sometimes, your site’s articles may not be able to tell the whole story. That’s where an extension like matter-of-factly named Attachments for Content Articles comes in handy. If you’ve got a ton of files that you want to give your site’s visitors access to, you want to pay attention to this extension.

As its name suggests, Attachments for Content Articles allows you to attach files, whether they are images or PDF documents to content you’ve published on your site. With a number of five-star reviews and user comments universally calling it easy to use, Attachments for Content Articles may well be worth your consideration.

Akeeba Backup Core

Akeeba Backup Core is so useful, you may feel that it should come with the default Joomla installation. This extension allows you to back up and restore your entire site easily.

Akeeba Backup is particularly useful for large, complex sites. (If your database became corrupted, what would you do?) It archives all the files on your site and takes a database snapshot. Its installer is based on the standard Joomla installer.


Although it may sound like a top-secret cutlery initiative, in reality Projectfork could very well be one of the best project management software solutions around. With much of the same functionality found in expensive programs like Microsoft Project, Projectfork offers Project Managers and the team working under them a large number of the solutions such as group calendars, powerful task filtering tools, a time tracker, a file management system, and message board.

This is one extension that makes sure that no matter what you’re working on, you can get it done on time.