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Drupal Blog Topics: Adding, Editing, Deleting and Multiplying

By Lynn Beighley, Seamus Bellamy

Being a blogger means more than just writing — you need to know how to edit and delete blogs in Drupal and add new entries. If you’re especially filled with wondrous thoughts to share on multiple topics, then consider creating multiple Drupal blogs.

    Adding more blog entries

There are two ways to add more entries to your blog. The first is the same technique you use to create your first entry — that is, by choosing Create Content→Blog Entry.

The second is by clicking the Post New Blog Entry link on your blog page. This link will be visible to you only when you’re logged on and viewing your own blog.

    Editing and deleting blog entries

Editing a blog entry is much the same as editing any other content. When you’re logged in and viewing one of your blog entries, you will see an Edit tab. Click this tab, make your desired changes, and then click Preview or Save when you’re satisfied with the changes.

To delete an entry, click its Edit tab and click the Delete button.

You can also edit and delete your blog entries by choosing Content from the Dashboard menu bar and locating the entry you want to change in the list. Don’t forget to use the filtering options in the Show Only Items Where section if you have a lot of content.

    Creating multiple blogs

Blogs are associated with user accounts; that is, one user can have one blog. By default, only the administrator can set up a blog. But if you want to allow a trusted group of users to create their own blogs, you can.

In order to do so, you need to either create a new user role for your site, or modify an existing one, so that registered site users who you want to empower with the ability to create a blog can do so.