Create a Secret E-mail Address for Blogging - dummies

Create a Secret E-mail Address for Blogging

Before you start blogging via e-mail, you have to create a unique e-mail address to send your blog posts to. The creation process will vary depending on the way your web-hosting service or e-mail is set up.

Essentially, you can use any e-mail address, but there are significant risks to doing this with a Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo! account because so many spammers and noxious advertisers randomly blanket every possible address with messages that would then wind up as content on your blog.

Don’t use your regular e-mail address. If you do so, then all the e-mail you get in your inbox (including secret love notes and chain letters from your crazy uncle) posts automatically and immediately to your blog.

WordPress recommends you create a really obscure e-mail address (see the examples that follow) and keep this e-mail address as secret as possible. If the e-mail address becomes known, spammers can then hijack your blog by sending whatever noxious material they want to that Inbox, and your blog will automatically post it.

So before you start down this path, make sure that you have a safe and secure e-mail address that’s dedicated only to receiving e-mails that will then be converted into blog posts. You can share this e-mail address with (very) trusted friends, such as a group on a vacation or at a big concert, so they can post their impressions to your blog as quickly and easily as possible.

To make your special blogging e-mail address safe and secure, WordPress prompts you to use semi-random strings of letters and numbers, such as Because nobody sane has a name like 4lrp59qs, the automated programs that spammers use to guess common names won’t hit upon this combination for their unwanted messages.