Add the WordPress Mobile Pack - dummies

Add the WordPress Mobile Pack

If you’re looking for a single simple tool that can take care of everything you need to make your blog mobile-friendly, the WordPress Mobile Pack is the plug-in for you. Just add the plug-in through the WordPress Dashboard, and you’re most of the way there.

In the figure, you see how the Mobile Web Design Blog displays in the Firefox browser on a desktop computer running Windows 7.


In this figure, you see the same blog as it displays on an iPhone 4 thanks to the Mobile Pack plug-in.


Although your results may vary based on the design and complexity of your blog, the WordPress Mobile Pack transforms most blogs in the following ways:

  • Simplifies the banner and color scheme.

  • Stacks blog post headlines in a long row. iPhone users like to scroll up and down through easy-to-grasp headlines, rather than the traditional blog format, where long posts may require scrolling through a dozen screen-lengths on the iPhone.

  • Moves sidebars to the bottom of the page. Because the iPhone screen is narrow, having content appear on the sides means that either the design looks squeezed and unreadable or users have to scroll from side to side as well as up and down to access the content.

After you install the plug-in, you can adjust several settings so that your blog displays your content and design elements as logically and attractively as possible. Although you cannot anticipate every situation or need, you can start creating a mobile-friendly design for your visitors who are using iPhones or similar devices. After you follow the steps for creating the basis of the design, you can test and refine the settings on your own.