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Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer

Everything You Need To Know About Sex!  S-e-x isn’t a bad three-letter word? but many of us are afraid to talk about it. In this new edition of the fun and comprehensive guide to sex, you’ll find out how to approach intimacy in a new way to get the most pleasure from a physical relationship. Written by the world’s favorite expert on the topic, Dr. Ruth helps you explore the ins and outs of dating and commitment, talk about sex with partners, and consider any health and social issues you may encounter along the way.

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Dr. Ruth on Sex For Dummies

Dr. Ruth talks about what made her want to write a new edition of Sex For Dummies.

About the Author

Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer (New York, NY) is America’s favorite psychosexual therapist. She has been a pop culture fixture since the 1980s. She has written more than three dozen books, hosted at least five television shows and, in recent years, become a Twitter devotee (over 90K followers). Ruth will be featured in a January 2019 documentary, Ask Dr. Ruth, by Ryan White, a noted documentary filmmaker premiering at the Sundance Film Festival. The announcement drew a lot of attention, including a story in The NY Times. Pierre Lehu (New York, NY) has worked with Dr. Ruth for decades as a writer and publicist.

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