Vocabulary Building Tips for Officer Candidate Tests - dummies

Vocabulary Building Tips for Officer Candidate Tests

By Jane R. Burstein, Carolyn C. Wheater, LTC Richard Dahoney

Part of Officer Candidate Tests For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Building a strong vocabulary will greatly improve your chances of doing well on the verbal abilities sections of the officer candidate tests. Though the types of questions vary from test to test, these tips will give you an edge:

  • Read widely — on a variety of topics.

  • Look for contextual clues to determine a word’s meaning.

  • Look up unfamiliar words in a dictionary in your daily reading, even when you’re reading web pages.

  • Jot down unfamiliar words and their meanings.

  • Use words you’ve learned to improve retention.

  • Work crossword puzzles.

  • Play word games like Scrabble or Boggle.

  • Use word-a-day calendars or dictionary web sites and apps.

  • Take online vocabulary tests.

  • Create and use vocabulary flashcards.