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How Fees Are Determined for SAT Test Score Reports

By Geraldine Woods, Ron Woldoff

The basic fee for the SAT test includes four score reports. Students who are eligible for a fee waiver can request an additional four free reports. You send these reports to colleges you’re interested in.

If you want to add still more colleges to your list, you can do so by paying $11.25 extra for each additional score report. (Prices, of course, are always subject to change, and don’t expect any to go down. Check the College Board website for pricing changes.) You request additional score reports on the Additional Score Report Request Form (how do they think of these names?), which you can download from the website.

For a higher fee ($13.50), you can get a detailed analysis of your test performance — how many of each sort of question you answered right and wrong and how difficult each question was. Then you can tailor your prep hours to the stuff that’s hard for you. Ask for the Student Answer Service when you register. For even more money ($18), the SAT sends you a copy of the questions and the correct answers. Fee waivers apply to this service.

If you’re planning to take another SAT, spring for the Student Answer Service. Seeing what you got wrong gives you a blueprint for review.

Score reports arrive in your mailbox and at your high school about five weeks after you take the test. If you’re the antsy type and are willing to fork over a few more dollars, you can find out the good news by phone. Call Customer Service (within the U.S.: 866-756-7346; outside the U.S.: 212-713-7789; TTY 888-857-2477 for the U.S. or 609-882-4118 for outside the U.S.). Have a credit card, your registration number, and your birth date ready. The fee for a “rush” score is $15. If you’re returning to academia after a break and want access to old scores, you pay $31 for the College Board to dig them up.

If you have access to the Internet, you can create a free (yes, something’s actually free!) account on the College Board website. Look for My SAT Online Score Report. It tells you your 200 to 800 scores in Reading, Writing and Language, and Mathematics and some information on how well you did on various types of questions. The report also tells you how well your performance was in comparison with everyone else who took the exam when you did.