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Types of Questions You Will Find on the Praxis Core Exam

By Carla Kirkland, Chan Cleveland

The Praxis Core exam gives you multiple types of questions. Taking all of our practice tests will give you a consistent idea of what you will see on the actual test. Before you get to the practice tests, check out this list of question types you’ll encounter in the different subtests:

  • The reading test has four categories of text paragraph sections.

    • Reading Category 1 questions deal with paired passages of about 150 to 200 words combined with four to seven questions, such as “Unlike the author of Passage 2, the author of Passage 1 mentions …” or “Which of the following statements best describes the relationship between the two passages?”

    • Reading Category 2 questions deal with lengthy paragraphs of about 175 to 200 words combined with four to seven questions that may ask, “Which of the following best describes the organization of the passage?” or “The author would be most likely to agree with which of the following statements?”

    • Reading Category 3 questions deal with abbreviated passages of 75 to 100 words with two or three questions such as “The passage is primarily concerned with …” or “Which of the following is an unstated assumption made by the author of the passage?”

    • Reading Category 4 questions deal with short statements followed by a single question.

  • The writing test has four categories of multiple-choice questions and two essays.

    • The multiple-choice writing questions are straightforward questions covering sentence correction, revision in context, usage, and research skills. You have to find only one correct answer for each of these questions.

    • The argumentative and informative/explanatory essay sections test your skills to write a detailed essay in a very short period of time.

  • The mathematics test has several question categories:

    • One of the categories deals with numeric entry. These types of questions require you to input an integer or decimal into a single box or a fraction into two separate boxes.

    • The other categories contain multiple-choice questions followed by five answers, with either one or two of those choices being correct. Be aware that the test may not tell you the number of choices to select, but the directions will tell you to check all that apply.