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Receiving Results after You’ve Taken the PHR or SPHR Exam

By Sandra M. Reed

Part of PHR/SPHR Exam For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Back in the day, exam takers had to wait up to six weeks for results after they took the PHR or SPHR Exam, but with computerized testing, you fortunately get a preliminary pass or fail right after you complete the exam and subsequent survey. It’s recommended that you wait to publish your exam success until you receive the certification in the mail. For this reason, make sure you keep your HRCI account updated with your most current mailing address.

If you didn’t pass, you’ll also receive a report that shows your functional areas scores so you can see how you did in each area. You can use this information to identify in which area you need additional preparation for a successful second attempt. Don’t let an initial fail derail you from your goal. Look back at where you started and how far you came as the result of your studying efforts and apply the test results to rounding out your knowledge base in human resources.

If you passed, you may now officially put the initials next to your name on professional communications. Keep in mind that even though they’re acronyms, the initials are presented without periods as such:

Sandra M. Reed, SPHR