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Have a Plan to Answer Questions on the PHR/SPHR Exams

By Sandra M. Reed

Preparing for the PHR or SPHR test and answering the questions can be similar to the way a golfer approaches a shot. Addressing this exam requires the same mind-set.

Approaching a shot references how the golfer goes through a few phases of preparation before actually swinging the club. He selects the right club, stands back to view the landscape, tees up the ball, and squares up to the shot. This all happens before he ever makes contact with the ball.

You can follow this list to break down the tactical approach to the PHR and SPHR exam questions.

  1. Read the question thoroughly.

    Doing so helps you figure out what knowledge you must access to select the right answer. Determine what part of your studying will best serve you.

  2. Look for clues in the question.

    These clues can pinpoint precisely the direction toward what the question is asking.

  3. Answer the question in your mind before you look at the answer choices.

    Most questions have answer distractors that are designed to, well, distract you from the correct answer. By answering the question before you see the multiple choice options, you may recognize the correct answer more easily and avoid being confused by options that also appear to be correct. Ask yourself what you would do at work.

  4. Select the best answer.

    Apply the answer to the question to ensure that it’s correct and then make the selection on your monitor. If you’re still unsure, mark that questions for later review, but do not leave the answer blank.