MAT Scoring and Score Reporting - dummies

MAT Scoring and Score Reporting

By Vince Kotchian, Edwin Kotchian

Part of MAT For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Approximately two weeks after taking the MAT test, you will receive an Official Score Report. You will see two important scores, each of which is determined based on the number of questions you answered correctly:

  1. Scaled score.

    This is a standardized score based on how many answers you got right and the difficulty level of the test form. Scaled scores range from 200 to 600.

  2. Percentile.

    This represents the percentage of test takers earning lower than a given score. Percentiles range from 1 to 99.

There is no pass or fail score set by the publisher of the MAT. Individual colleges and universities set their own required score ranges.

Your MAT fee covers the cost of the Official Score Report and three official transcripts that are sent directly to the institutions of your choice. You must specify where you want your scores sent on testing day.