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Tips for Evaluating the Different Questions on the GED RLA

By Achim K. Krull, Murray Shukyn

Although you don’t have to know much about how the GED Reasoning Through Language Arts test questions, or items, were developed to answer them correctly, you do need some understanding of how they’re constructed. Knowing the types of items you’re dealing with can make answering them easier — and present fewer surprises.

To evaluate the types of questions that you have to answer, keep these tips in mind:

  • As soon as the computer signals that the test is running, start by skimming the questions. Don’t spend a lot of time doing so — just enough to spot the questions you absolutely know and the ones you know you’ll need more time to answer.

  • Rely on the Previous and Next buttons on the bottom of the screen to scroll through the questions. After you finish skimming, answer all the questions you know first; that way, you leave yourself much more time for the difficult questions.

  • Answer the easiest questions first. You don’t have to answer questions in order. Nobody except you will ever know, or care, in which order you answer the questions, so do the easiest questions first. You’ll be able to answer them fastest, leaving more time for the other, harder questions.

  • Answer all questions. No points are deducted for wrong answers. Look at the answer choices and discard any that are obviously wrong to improve your chances of guessing the correct answer. Guessing may mean getting the right answer; leaving the answer blank means a definite zero. And don’t forget to go back for any harder questions you skipped earlier.

Knowing the question type can shape the way you think about the answer. Some questions ask you to analyze a passage or extract from a document, which means the information you need is in the source text. Others ask you to infer from the passage, which means that not all the information is in the passage. Although none of the tests are labeled with the following titles, the GED test questions assess your skills in these areas.