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GED Test Prep: Reasoning Through Language Arts Drag-And-Drop Questions

By Murray Shukyn, Dale E. Shuttleworth, Achim K. Krull

The Reasoning Through Language Arts section of the GED uses multiple question formats suited to computer testing. The drag-and-drop question is one variation. The source text, an excerpt from Anne of Green Gables, is on the left side of the screen.


This question covers more than one page, accessible via the tabs. On the answer side, the scroll bar indicates that the content continues on, and you must scroll down to see it all. When you scroll down, you can see the content you missed on the initial screen.


After you finish reading the content under all four tabs, drag the choices on the right into the boxes. You click on the item, and without letting go of the mouse button, you drag the item up to the correct box. Let go of the mouse and the item drops into the box. If you’ve moved it properly, it will stay where you dropped it.


This question uses the same four-page source text and asks you to select characteristics that apply to Anne. The key is that you can select only three of the five listed words. That isn’t stated in the question but is obvious from the drag-and-drop targets, which include only three spaces but have five options.

You have to read the text carefully to find the correct choices. When you decide which words apply, drag each word to one of the drop targets and leave it there. Click on Next to continue.

Answering a drag-and-drop question requires you to

  • (A)Move the computer desk to a new location.

  • (B)Type directions into a box.

  • (C)Click on and move an answer choice.

  • (D)Play yet another game of Scrabble.

Choice (C) is correct.

Choice (A) refers more to rearranging furniture and not taking a test. Choice (B) refers to the directions for fill-in-the-blank, Extended Response, or short-answer items, and Choice (D) is a prescription for wasting time that could be better spent preparing for the test.