GED Math Practice Questions: Computing with Rational Expressions

In the Mathematical Reasoning section of the GED, you may have to perform some computations with rational expressions. The following example questions ask you to subtract and multiply numeric fractions.

Practice questions

  1. Subtract the following rational expressions:

    Subtracting two rational expressions.

  2. Multiply the following rational expressions:

    Multiplying two rational expressions.

Answers and explanations

  1. The result is

    The result of subtracting two rational expressions.png

    Start by factoring the denominator in both rational expressions:

    factoring the denominator in two rational expressions.

    Multiply the first expression by

    Three thirds.

    and the second fraction by

    Four fourths

    and you have:

    Subtracting two rational expressions with the same denominator.

  2. The result is

    Result of multiplying two rational expressions.

    Here’s how you find it:

    The process of multiplying two rational expressions.