GED Math Extra Prep: Graphical Data - dummies

By Consumer Dummies

Graphical data questions are common on the GED Math test, and may involve graphs, histograms, tables, and number lines. In the following practice questions, you’re first asked to evaluate a graph that shows the relationship between a patient’s sugar intake and their blood sugar level, and then to build and solve an equation from a number line.

Practice Questions

A doctor measured the blood sugar levels of one of her patients shortly after giving the patient a candy bar to eat. The following graph shows the patient’s blood sugar level (y), x hours after she ate the candy bar.


  1. How long after eating the candy bar was the patient’s blood sugar level the highest?
    A. 20 minutes
    B. 30 minutes
    C. 40 minutes
    D. 1 hour

    The next question is based on the following graph.


  2. What is the product of A times C times D times E?
    A. –126
    B. 0
    C. 63
    D. 126

Answers and Explanations

  1. The correct answer is C.

    According to the graph, the patient’s blood sugar began to increase immediately after she ate the candy bar and reached a peak after 2/3 of an hour (40 minutes) before falling again. Hence, Choice (C) is correct.

  2. The correct answer is B.

    From the line graph, you can see that A = –9, C = 7, D = 0, and E = –2. Therefore, A times C times D times E equals (–9)(7)(0)(–2). Multiplying any number by zero equals zero, so Choice (B) is the correct answer.