GED Extended Response Evaluation Checklist - dummies

GED Extended Response Evaluation Checklist

By Murray Shukyn, Dale E. Shuttleworth, Achim K. Krull

Without a doubt, you should prepare as much as possible before taking the GED. Practice exams are wonderful tools. Try a few extended response questions. After writing your own response to the essay prompt, review and evaluate your answer with these key points in mind:

  • Do you clearly state which position was stronger and better argued?

  • Are the arguments presented in the two source texts credible?

  • Do you explain which position you selected as the better supported position?

  • Do you explain why you came to that conclusion? (You don’t have to agree with the position.)

  • Does your introduction clearly state your position?

  • Do you include multiple pieces of evidence from the passages to support your position?

  • Is your evidence presented in a logical order to build your case?

  • Does your conclusion contain an appropriate summary of the evidence and why you took the stand you did?

  • Is your essay written in a clear, concise manner?

  • Does your essay stay on point?

  • Do you use proper linkages between paragraphs?

  • Do you use varied and clear sentences and sentence structure?

  • Is your use of grammar, spelling, and language correct?