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10 Ways to Use Your GED after You Pass the Test

By Murray Shukyn, Dale E. Shuttleworth, Achim K. Krull

Passing the GED makes life more rewarding because it opens doors that you may not have even known were closed. You’ve probably already figured out why you want your GED; if not, consider these ten great advantages the GED can give you.

Get a job

Many employers want to see a high-school diploma or its equivalent before they even consider giving you a job. In fact, a high-school diploma is often used as a screening tool for interviews. A GED allows you to jump this hurdle. It shows potential employers that you’ve mastered skills equal to most high-school graduates.

This accomplishment can help you get an interview, and, when the interviewer sees how brilliant you are, it can help you get a job. And to make that process easier for you, the GED Testing Service will automatically link your results to your transcript. After you send your results to an employer or college, it can link to a complete transcript and description of your achievements.

The U.S. government, one of the country’s largest employers, accepts a GED as being equivalent to a high-school diploma.


If you’re already working, you want to show your supervisor that you’re ready for a promotion. Passing the GED test helps you show your employer that you’re ready to work hard. It also shows that you’ve taken responsibility for your life and are ready to take on additional responsibility at work. Earning a GED gives you certification that shows you’ve mastered skills and are ready to master some more.

Show others what you can achieve

When you earn your GED, you show the world what you accomplished — on your own. You show that you’re an independent learner. You caught up with all your old high-school friends, and you did it on your own. All you needed was a bit of help and direction. Be as proud of your accomplishment as those high-school friends are proud of their achievement.

After all, being able to show others that you’ve accomplished something major, thanks to your own hard work and determination, is important — in both your personal and professional life.

Include your GED in your college portfolio

Your college portfolio lists all your skills and experiences in an organized manner. If you plan to pursue further education, many colleges have a particular format they want you to use for your portfolio; if yours doesn’t, employment counselors can suggest generic formats. The important thing is to have a place where you list all your skills and experiences that you can take to college and job interviews.

Your GED is the centerpiece of your portfolio. The diploma is a stamp of approval on all your prior learning. It shows that you officially know what high-school graduates comprehend.

Prove you’re ready for further education

Most colleges accept the GED as proof of the equivalency to high-school graduation. If your goal is further education, remind the registrars at the colleges you’re interested in attending that you’re a mature student who has worked hard to get where you are. Emphasize the real-world skills you’ve mastered by working in the real world, and explain how those skills make you a great candidate for college.

In his 2014 State of the Union address, President Obama reaffirmed the need to graduate more high-school students and to support their entrance into postsecondary institutions. Passing the GED test proves that you’re ready to be one of these students.

Set an example for your kids

If you’re like most people, you want your kids (or grandkids) to be better educated and more successful than you were. As soon as you pass the GED test, you set the bar a little higher for them. Your accomplishment also reminds your kids that education is important — for you and, by your example, for them.

Enhance your wall décor

You may already have interesting mementos of your life hanging on your wall, but what could be more exciting than your very own framed GED? A diploma looks great on your wall because it represents all the hard work you put in to passing the test.

If you plan to frame your GED, make a couple of copies for prospective employers and colleges before you do so. Make copies of the transcript of your test results as well. That way, you’re ready to include these copies with your job and college applications.

Make you feel like part of a select group

Earning your GED means that you’ve outperformed 40 percent of high-school seniors, which in itself is impressive. It also places you among great company. Comedian Bill Cosby and the late founder of Wendy’s, Dave Thomas, are GED graduates. Although no one can promise that passing the GED test will make you a show-business star or help you start a fast-food chain, it will make you feel very special.

Motivate yourself

One thing about taking challenging tests is that you have to face the challenges they throw at you on your own. You can use the fact that you overcame those challenges, thanks to your hard work and determination, to motivate yourself in your future endeavors. If you successfully passed the GED test through rigid preparation and planning, nothing can stop you.

Improve your self-esteem

When you pass the GED test, you’re essentially a high-school graduate and can prove it. But the piece of paper is only concrete proof of your accomplishment. The real results are in your brain and in your own feelings about yourself. You need to remember that you passed the test by yourself — with a little help from preparation texts, perhaps — but the real work was yours.

Remember the steps you took toward this accomplishment, and use that same approach to help you reach other goals. Remember that you were both the teacher and the learner. You deserve double credit for this major accomplishment. Let this accomplishment motivate you to your next challenge.