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EMT Exam: Why is Computer Adaptive Testing Better?

By Arthur Hsieh

NREMT switched to CAT in 2007. Computer adaptive testing actually adapts questions on the exam based on your answers to previous questions. What are the benefits of using CAT rather than paper tests? CAT has earned a reputation for being

  • Sophisticated: The CAT is more sophisticated than a traditional paper-based exam; it really becomes your test, giving you questions based on your performance on the previous ones.

  • Short and sweet: In general, CAT exams are shorter than paper exams. And because they’re administered electronically, the good folks at the NREMT get your results very quickly, which means you get to find out how you did very quickly — sometimes on the same day.

  • Safe: CAT exams are also easier to secure. Paper exams can be copied or stolen. Stealing questions from the computer exam is virtually impossible.

  • Sound: CAT exam results are considered more accurate and reliable in determining competency than paper exams. Because traditional paper exams are one-size-fits-all, they’re pretty generic when it comes to determining competency across all students. CAT exams can really drill down on your knowledge base and get a real sense of how deep your comprehension level really is.