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EMT Exam: How to Adapt to Computer Adaptive Testing

By Arthur Hsieh

If you’ve never taken a test on a computer before, you may expect it to be intimidating. However, a CAT such as the NREMT EMT exam is designed to be user-friendly. You use a mouse to click through the different screens and select answers. And at the beginning of the exam, there are even sample screens for you to practice on before you begin the actual test.

Keep these three key points in mind when it comes to taking a computer adaptive test:

  • Your NREMT exam will feel difficult, no matter how well you perform. It’s designed to be that way, so don’t panic if you feel like a total failure at the end of the exam. Losing your confidence can lead to uncertainty, and you may very well begin second-guessing yourself on your answers.

  • How long it takes you to complete the exam depends on how well prepared you are to take the exam. The more questions you answer correctly, the sooner the test will end.

  • The importance of being prepared cannot be overstated. You want to complete the minimum number of questions necessary to pass; the questions you see will hone in on your level of knowledge and preparedness.